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{loadMovieNum (eng ver.)}
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Flash Player 4. Flash 4 files opened in Flash 5 or later are converted to use the correct syntax.

loadMovieNum("url",level [, variables])

url The absolute or relative URL of the SWF or JPEG file to be loaded. A relative path must be relative to the SWF file at level 0. For use in the stand-alone Flash Player or for testing in test-movie mode in the Flash authoring application, all SWF files must be stored in the same folder; and the filenames cannot include folder or disk drive specifications.

level An integer specifying the level in Flash Player into which the SWF file will be loaded.

variables An optional parameter specifying an HTTP method for sending variables. The parameter must be the string GET or POST. If there are no variables to be sent, omit this parameter. The GET method appends the variables to the end of the URL and is used for small numbers of variables. The POST method sends the variables in a separate HTTP header and is used for long strings of variables.


Function; loads a SWF or JPEG file into a level in Flash Player while the originally loaded SWF file is playing.

Tip: If you want to monitor the progress of the download, use MovieClipLoader.loadClip() instead of this function.

Normally, Flash Player displays a single SWF file and then closes. The loadMovieNum() action lets you display several SWF files at once and switch between SWF files without loading another HTML document.

If you want to specify a target instead of a level, use loadMovie() instead of loadMovieNum().

Flash Player has a stacking order of levels starting with level 0. These levels are like layers of acetate; they are transparent except for the objects on each level. When you use loadMovieNum(), you must specify a level in Flash Player into which the SWF file will load. When a SWF file is loaded into a level, you can use the syntax, _levelN, where N is the level number, to target the SWF file.

When you load a SWF file, you can specify any level number and you can load SWF files into a level that already has a SWF file loaded into it. If you do, the new SWF file will replace the existing SWF file. If you load a SWF file into level 0, every level in Flash Player is unloaded, and level 0 is replaced with the new file. The SWF file in level 0 sets the frame rate, background color, and frame size for all other loaded SWF files.

The loadMovieNum() action also allows you to load JPEG files into a SWF file while it plays. For both images and SWF files, the upper left corner of the image aligns with the upper left corner of the Stage when the file loads. Also in both cases, the loaded file inherits rotation and scaling, and the original content is overwritten.

Use unloadMovieNum() to remove SWF files or images that were loaded with loadMovieNum().

This example loads the JPEG image image45.jpg into level 2 of Flash Player.

loadMovieNum("http://www.blag.com/image45.jpg", 2);

See also
loadMovie(), unloadMovieNum(), _level


 플래시 게시판 소스 
 플래시 게시판 [2]
 ㅅㄷㄴㅅ  비밀글입니다  : E
 플래시 마우스 오른쪽 금지    : 수학/물리
 unloadMovieNum (eng ver.)    : U
 loadMovieNum (eng ver.)    : L
 탄력적인 움직임 소스    : 액션모듬
 hitTest    : H
 플래시 액션스크립트 모음    : 액션모듬
 메뉴 묶기    : 액션모듬
 3초후에 다음프레임으로 이동    : 액션모듬
 .  비밀글입니다  : operators
 study    : 액션모듬
 플래시 검색엔진 만들기    : 액션모듬
 prototype    : P
 onMouseDown    : O
 onMouseMove    : O
 마우스 커서 숨기기 Mouse.hide();    : M
 플래시 동영상    : 액션모듬
 getDepth    : G
 거꾸로 재생되는 무비    : 액션모듬
 swapDepths    : S
 마우스 오른쪽 메뉴수정하기 - ContextMenu    : 액션모듬
 마우스 over 재생 out 역재생    : 액션모듬
 charCodeAt    : C
 전역 속성    : 액션모듬
 charAt    : C
 플래시 풀스크린창 최소화하는 버튼    : 액션모듬
 #include 지시문    : #
 #endinitclip 지시문    : #
 #initclip 지시문    : #
 enterFrame (이벤트)    : E
 *-1 로 토글버튼만들기    : 액션모듬
 플래시 인트로.. [1]   : 액션모듬
 clearInterval()    : C
 setInterval()    : S
 숫자묶기    : 액션모듬
 슬라이드 메뉴    : 액션모듬
 무비클립 인스턴스네임    : 액션모듬
 연산자 new    : N
 onMouseUp (이벤트)    : O
 예약어 _global 전역함수    : G
 서브메뉴의 현재위치 표시 [1]   : 액션모듬
 슬라이드 메뉴    : 액션모듬
 getBytesLoaded    : G
 getBytesTotal    : G
 스크롤 올리기내리기버튼    : 액션모듬
 선을 복사해서 그림그리기    : 액션모듬
 마우스를 부드럽게 따라다니는 무비클립    : 액션모듬
 눈내리기    : 액션모듬
 외부음악 부르기 간단    : 액션모듬
 플래시에서 배경음악 차례로 골라듣기..(외부음악 이용) [1]   : 액션모듬
 핸드커서 안보이기    : 액션모듬
 즐겨찾기버튼    : 액션모듬
 플래시 간단시계    : 액션모듬
   [re] 플래시 시계 시분초    : 액션모듬
 랜덤으로 파일부르기    : 액션모듬
 플래시 투명    : 액션모듬
 플래시로 전체창    : 액션모듬
 한글이 깨질때    : 액션모듬
 loading 바와 100% 보여주기 액션    : 액션모듬
 TextField.borderColor    : T
 colorchange    : 액션모듬
 사운드 볼륨조절 사용예제    : 액션모듬
 Math 함수    : M
 for 문을 이용한 버튼 제어    : 액션모듬
 onKillFocus    : O
 tabIndex    : T
 onSetFocus    : O
 loadVariablesNum    : L
 XML(object) -2    : X
 XML(object) -1    : X
 _x    : X
 with    : W
 var    : V
 _url    : U
 updateAfterEvent    : U
 unloadMovie    : U
 unescape(최상위레벨 함수)    : U
 typeof    : T
 trace    : T
 _totalframes    : T
 toggleHighQuality    : T
 this    : T
 tellTarget    : T
 targetPath    : T
 _target    : T
 substring    : S
 String(object)    : S
 " "    : S
 String(function)    : S
 stopDrag    : S
 stopAllSounds    : S
 stop    : S
 startDrag    : S
 _soundbuftime    : S
 Sound(object)    : S
 setProperty    : S
 set    : S
 Selection(object)    : S

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